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Accident and Emergency

Accident and Emergency unit of the hospital caters for emergency cases, that includes Medical and Surgical emergencies such as assaults, acute asthma, acute abdomen orthopedic and accident victims, etc.
To provide high quality patients - focused a service that is readily available and affordable to meet the emergency needs of the community we serve. The unit comprises of two compartments divided into male and female compartments.
The male compartment has 10 bed space and the female has 6 bed space, where male and female patients are admitted respectively. Immediately after resuscitation, the patient is then handed over to the team concern for further re-evaluation before transferring to their respective wards within 48 hours of his or her stay in accident and emergency.
Staff strength: We have one consultant trauma surgeon heading the department, six medical and one locum medical officers. There are also 12 nurses and 8 Sub--Staff serving the unit.
There are three shifts in a day and each shift comprises of a medical officer, two nurses and two sub staff.
The unit has a pharmacy now attached, which has made things easier for both the staff, the patient and their relatives. We also have a nurses changing room attached to the unit, to make the makes comfortable and to provide privacy.
We also have Isolation Cubicle, this is normally set aside for suspected cases of Covid-19, where the patients will be placed after review he or she is now moves to the Isolation unit for proper management.

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