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Environment Health

The department of environmental health was established in November 2001 with aim of rendering service to Centre and its environment to monitor and improves public/ environmental health standards using specialist skills to implement and enforce health policies in line with destine regulatory division. Environmental health department play an important role in the hospital sector in ensuring that proper standard is achieved.

Function and Activities of The Department

The following comprises of eight (8) basic units:-

Environmental sanitation unit
Pest and vector control unit
Fumigation unit
Waste management unit
Horticultural unit
Health education
Environmental protection unit
Food and water unit


For the period of four (4) years 2017-2021 a lots were achieved in the department most especially additional of manpower within above years about fifteen (15) health attendants was added to the department with Senior Staff.

Renovation and maintaining the incinerator machines which play a vital role in health care. Procurement of insecticide, term kills fumigation chemicals, and watering can, watering hose, hoes, cutlers for daily cleanness of the environment. Annual tree planting from 2017 to date is now a routine since the incoming of the present Medical Director Prof. S.H. Idris.

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