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Health Information Management

Service in support of good patient care is the primary purpose for which the department exists in the hospital.
Health Information Management Department consist of professional trained personnel charged with responsibilities of organizing, managing and rendering services to the patients, medical and administrative staff, and the society at large.
The major responsibility of the department is to undertake the custody, classification, preservation, maintain confidentiality and retrieval of patient case history, including radiographs.
The department has the following unit and sections:
• Health Records Libraries (Central Health Record library, GOPD health records library, O & G health records library, ANC Health Records library, NHIS health record library, JICHMA health records library, POPD health records library);
• Clinical coding section which has coding and indexing unit;
• Monitoring and Evaluation section which has Hospital activities analysis unit, PEPFAR M &E unit, and disease surveillance unit.
• Registration and documentation of patient bio data
• Filing and retrieval of patients’ case note
• Clinical coding and disease classification
• Generating and maintaining medical reports and certificates
• Compiling, collating and presentation of monthly and annual hospital statistical returns
• Provision of means of communication between the physician and other professionals contributing to the patients care
• Assist in protecting legal interest of patients, physician and the hospital
• Assist in the designing of forms for hospital use where necessary;
• Participate in planning quality control, evaluation, researches in the hospital and other relevant committees in defining standards for health information.

1. Acquiring of manual clinical coding tools and establishment of coding and indexing unit
2. Provision of three (3) laptop computers for office use
3. Four (4) members of staff from the Department were released to undergo training in various institute of higher learning.
4. Introduction Jigawa State Contributory Health Management Agency (JICHMA) programme where worker from state and local government services can benefit gain access to affordable and efficient health care services.

The department is ready to provide highly specialized, excellent, efficient and affordable health information services that would meet the health care needs of our client in their environment while developing highly competent trained health information management personnel.

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