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Medical Laboratory Services

The Medical Laboratory Department started in 2001 as a single unit laboratory rendering skeletal services with a few registered MLS and few MLA. Today it has grown to a six unit laboratory rendering basically all investigations a laboratory of its calibra can render. The staff strength has tremendously increased to 20 MLS, 20 MLT and 11 MLI.
The laboratory also has 3 pathologists on permanent employment and some more as visiting consultant.
1. DIAGNOSIS – depending on the request by the clinicians, the department assists the clinicians to make a diagnosis.
2. TRAINING – The department is serving as a training ground for MLI and other SIWES students.
3. BLOOD TRANSFUSION – In cases of anaemia, bleeding and RTA, the department provides the services of blood transfusion to the maternity, A&E and EPU.
4. IGR – The department serves as a revenue generating centre, there was an IGR of N9,000,000.00 in 2018 and 2019 as mark-up in the laboratory revolving fund.
• Facility activation of laboratory by NAIIS in 2018.
• Reinstatement of quarterly purchase of consumables in 2018.
• Six MLA were sponsored, trained by management to MLT between 2008-2020
• 2 MLT were trained as MLS by management.
• Remarkable increase in sales and mark-up in the laboratory revolving fund by 37.4%.
• Construction of molecular laboratory by FGN.
There have been many developments and improvement in the Department which have enhanced services delivery:
1. Automation of Blood Chemistry Laboratory
Chemical Pathology: - The acquisition of auto analyzer ERBA 100XL, which has improved the turnaround time of services provided in the unit. The auto analyzer introduced in January 2020 has the ability to process 49 specimens at a time and produce results within an hour.
2. Introduction of Histopathology Services
Before January 2020 the unit offered skeletal services, only collecting specimen and transporting it to Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital, Zaria (ABUTH) for analysis. But with the acquisition of a tissue processing machine, histology water bath, slide drying hot plate, microtome and refrigerator for the unit everything is now done in-house. Thus, the unit can now carry out fine needle aspirate cytology (FNAC) of breast, thyroid lesion, liver, salivary glands etc. Pap smear, pleural and pericardia effusion cytology, imprint cytology for malignant breast lesions. Histopathology review of both benign and malignant breast lesions, soft tissue tumor etc.
3. Introduction of Haematology Services
The establishment of hematology clinic on Thursday for review of Hodgkin’s lymphoma, non- Hodgkin’s lymphoma, acute leukemia, chronic leukemia, myeloproliferative disorders, plasma cells dyscrasias, and sickle cell diseases with a lot more hematological conditions were made possible by the employment of a hematologist. Administration of chemotherapy for patient with hematological malignancies takes place on Wednesdays.
4. Introduction of Microbiology and STIs Services
There is presently a Special Treatment Clinic (STC) to manage sexually transmitted infections. This was made possible by the employment of a microbiologist in the Department.

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