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Department of Orthopeadic is one of the clinical department under clinical services of federal medical center Birnin Kudu.
Department of Orthopeadic in the last four years (2017-2021) has witnessed significant improvement in terms of efficiency and quality of services rendered through the improvement in human resources with employment of specialist, Medical Officer and other supporting staff. Training and re-training of its member as well as motivation derived from ongoing project which include Orthopaedic and Trauma Center, Modular Theater and new Male and Female Orthopaedic wards by the Current Medical Director.
On a weekly basis the Department handles between 10 to 15 major surgical cases, which include:
 Bipolar hemi arthroplasty, Total hip replacement, (in patient with disease joint, Trauma to the joint.)
 Operativefixationoffracturesofbothupper/lowerlimbsinvariousagegroups.
 NonOperativefixationoffractureanddislocationsinupper/lowerlimbsusingvarioustechniques.
Other surgeries carried out by the Department include:
 Club foot, wound cover for chronic leg ulcers, contracture release in burns patient.
 Close reduction of joint dislocation.
Currently Orthopaedic Department has:
2 Permanent Consultant 1 Senior Registrar 4 Medical Officers, 3 Orthopaedic nurses and 2 Cast Technicians

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