Molecular Research and Diagnostic Center

Molecular Research and Diagnostic Center

Room 1:                  Pathogen inactivation room

This room contains biosafety cabinet level 2 –type A2 (picture 1) in which necessary procedures are carried out on the specimens to render pathogens non-infectious. The pathogens especially envelope viruses including SARS- Corona virus are inactivated by alteration of the lipid envelope through chemical process.

Room 2:                 Nucleic acid extraction section

This is where the nucleic acid (RNA/DNA) of the pathogen is being extracted. This is achieved by means of automated machine as shownin picture 2. With this machine, procedure which takes about 2hours using the manual process is done within 30 minutes.

Room3:                  Master mix

In this room a mixture containing precursors and enzymes used as an ingredient in polymerase chain reaction (PCR) are added to the extracted nucleic acid inside BSL-2. Themixture containing dNTPs, MgCl2, Taq polymerase, and pH buffer in nuclease-free water are added in a test-tube.

 Room 4:                Template addition

The target primer of the organism to be amplified is aseptically added to the mixture in a PCR microcentrifuge tube.

Room 5Nucleic acid amplification (PCR) section

This section houses PCR thermo-cycler with monitor/printer to generate results of tests. The thermo-cyclers available include Magnetic Induction Cycler and Step oneplus PCR machines(pictures 3&4). The nucleic acid of interest is amplified in about 2hours by the PCR process exponentially to detectable level and quantified in real time. The result is read and printout using computer set attached to the cyclers.

Note, this molecular research complex serves as regional laboratory that can diagnose emerging and re-emerging diseases such as Covid-19, Lassa fever, Dengue fever etc.

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