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Nursing Services

The department of nursing services is the largest in the Federal Medical Centre (F.M.C.) Birnin kudu. It manages over 400 human resources for health that include; nurses, midwives, community health extension workers (CHEW), health attendants, and casual workers. The department works in collaboration, with other clinical departments. The nursing services department is the central point as per the infection prevention and control (I.P.C) activities; prevention of all infectious diseases including nosocomial infection through routine cleaning and maintenance of hygiene in all the clinical units.
The department directly coordinates and supervises through its ward managers, the activities of all nurses and midwives providing nursing care in the following in-patient ward/units; male and female medical-surgical wards, pediatrics Medical and Surgical ward, the special baby care unit (SCBU), Maternity, postnatal and antenatal ward, and six (6) outpatient clinics including adult and pediatric accident and emergency units (A/E, E.P.U.), theatre, anesthesia unit, Tuberculosis and H.I.V clinics, and other specialty clinics.
The department serves as a clinical training ground for nursing, midwifery, and public health students. The students come from various colleges of nursing, and midwifery, and universities, including foreign universities. The continuing education unit of the department is responsible for coordinating all the students' clinical teaching, mentoring, and coordinates clinical presentations, research, and training of all personal under the nursing services department in the hospital.
The compound office of the department oversees and reports to the Head of Department nursing, all the hospital clinical and non-clinical activities and events that occurred in the evening, and at night hours or during public holidays, and or weekends.
The Head of the nursing services department is a member of the Top Management Committee (T.M.C) of the institution and the committee is responsible for planning, decision-making, and policymaking in the hospital.
The main functions of the department are to
1. Provide holistic nursing care to diverse people
2. Coordinates and supervises all nursing activities
3. Provide clinical teaching avenue for students and interns nurses
4. To promote hospital policies
5. Contribute to the body of knowledge through research and training
6. Collaborate with other clinical departments to ensure effective services.
7. Serve as part of the administrative body in the institution.
8. Promote hospital infection prevention and control activities through the maintenance of routine environmental cleaning and other hygiene practices
In the last four years ( 2017 to 2021) the department has contributed to the attainment of the goal of the hospital in the following areas:
1. Reduction in long hospital patients’ stay, which was due to the provision of excellent and quality nursing care.
2. Reduction in post-operative wound infections in the wards, and remarkable success in wound dressing and successful skin graft.
3. Effective management of Covid -19 isolation ward by the nursing services department.
4. Effective management of tuberculosis patients. All our tuberculosis cases initiated on treatment received appropriate treatments.
5. All staff under the nursing services department (nurses, midwives, and health attendants) received adequate training on infection prevention and control with emphasis on Covid19.
6. Staff attitude toward their duties has improved remarkably, and no reported case of misconduct, and or negligence

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