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Main Operation Theatre

The Operating Theatres are under the Nursing Services Department since inception of the Centre in 2001. The operating Theater is among the structures renovated and maintained since inception of the Centre.
The Main Operating Theatre is a two (2) Operating Rooms theatre located at the centre of the hospital, along the main hospital corridor.However, Maternity Theater adjacent to Maternity ward and A/E Theatre attached to old A/E Unit were later constructed to augment the main theatre but didn’t serve the purpose due to technical and logistic issues.
The Main Operating Theatre provides operating field for the conduct of surgical and other diagnostic procedures.
However, due to absence of Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD) in the Centre, the Theatre Sterile Supply unit (TSSU) supplies the entire hospital with sterile packs. The Operating Theatre Unit is staffed with trained Perioperative Nurses, Nurse Anaesthetists and supported by Health Attendants.
The total staff strength as at present is 25 comprising of both nursing and supportive staff headed by a Chief Nursing Officer (Perioperative Nurse) in person of PON Mustapha I. Wurno.
• It is worth noting that, the construction of additional Operating Theatres is ongoing.
• Obstetrics & Gynaecology Theatre is 100% completed while Orthopaedics and Modular Operating Theatres are at appreciable level of construction.
• Between 2017 to date, a total of two (2) Perioperative Nurses and two (2) Nurse Anaesthetists were trained increasing the nursing staff strength to 15 (six Perioperative Nurses and Nine Nurse Anaesthetists).
• However, 2 Nurses are currently undergoing Perioperative Nursing training at Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital Zaria.
• Similarly, the Unit had made progress in ensuring minimal post - operative complications (e.g Surgical Site Infections, Death on Table e.t.c.) and this in the line with continuing education among staff in the unit.
• The Unit has received prompt and adequate supply of consumables and surgical implants by the Management thus, maintaining steady work flow.

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